ELLEN COWIE is a Canadian Fine Artist who has lovingly viewed the world through her artist’s eyes since 1961. Ellen has sketched all her life and painted with oils since she was 17 years old. Her passion for painting was fueled by her maternal Grandmother's and paternal Uncle’s oil paintings that beautified her childhood home. Her exploration of oils began in high school fueling her decision to study Fine Art at Guelph University.

“My paintings reveal stories I want to share from my experiences, maturing and development. Much like my life, my art is ever changing yet contains a consistency that makes my work easily identifiable. I do feel the true inspiration for the image strikes in the first hour of laying down the colour and composition on the canvas. My initial strokes prepare my painting’s foundation. My goal is to strengthen the image without losing that initial lively motivation that first attracted me to my canvas. My paintings range from realism to more impressionistic, equally depending on the demands of the topic and my mood.”

Ellen’s works have permanent representation in Toronto’s John A. Libby Fine Art Gallery, which is one of the oldest Fine Art Galleries in Toronto. The gallery sells Group of Seven originals and contemporary artists such as Ellen.




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